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Your Valuable Team at the Helm

Personalized service is essential when building our clients financial plan and managing their assets. 

We understand our clients are in different stages of life.  We believe a financial plan must reflect your personal or business needs.  Our hope for every one of our clients is that after each meeting, you’ll feel more confident and rest assured that your money is here to be an engine of opportunity. 

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Grant Raskin

Founding Partner


My passion for financial planning and investment management stems from my grandfather.  Sitting together at the kitchen table reading through the Wall Street Journal as he educated me on the basics fundamentals of the markets.  Thirty years later I reminisce on those times spent together and do everything in my power to provide financial education to my clients as my grandfather had done for me.  Educating my clients while building strong relationships with them are the key components that drive the success we have at MGR Financial Management.

After spending eight years in the lending industry, the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a Financial Advisor became a reality.  Joining Merrill Lynch in 2009 was a stepping stone to where my firm is today.  In the early part of 2013 MGR Financial Management was born and we haven't looked back. 

Every day, we find new ways to better serve our clients. And with a team that shares the same values and vision as I do, I have no doubt MGR Financial Management will continue to grow and make a difference in our communities. Outside of work, my son, Maxim and I enjoy spending time together on the golf course and saltwater fishing down the shore.. 

Learn More About Me

If you had a million dollars to spend, what would be the first three things you would buy?
First thing, pay off my mortgage.  Second, invest. Third, either buy a second home down the shore or a boat.

What’s the most likely place people could find you on a Saturday night?
Sitting at home on my couch watching Netflix or out to dinner with friends.

Which would you pick: Living on the beach or living near the mountains?
Living at the beach, surprised someone would ask me this.

Imagine being approached by a genie who offers you three wishes. What might those wishes be?
A lifetime of good health for my family and friends, my son to accomplish all his goals and fulfill his dreams.

If you had the ability to travel back in time, what’s something you would tell your 18-year-old self?
Slow down — enjoy those moments with the ones you love, some leave us to soon.

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